personal fitness trainer in gurgaon

Rajeev Sharma is a main Certified Fitness Trainer from Gurgaon/Gurugram . He helps individuals to accomplish higher Fitness levels through different Strength and Endurance based activities. Training individuals from varying backgrounds and of all age groups he has made adjustable exercises to fit into their way of life.


  • Advance Personal Training
  • Home Training
  • Group Training
  • Corporate training
  • Exercise and Diet Scheduling
  • Motivation behind Fitness Training Programs

The essential reason for existing is to indicate how one can effectively stay and keep up Fitness levels by practicing at home or gym . The most effective method to oversee Fitness and Healthy Diet in a bustling way of life alongside Freedom to make the most of your most desired food.

Implied for Whom:

It is implied for YOU if… .

1.You feel going to exercise in Gym inconvenient

2.You have a Busy life.

3.Your feast timings are unpredictable.

4.You are burnt out on not getting comes about with current exercise.

5.You need to lose FAT on your tummy

6.You truly need to know 'what-to-eat' to remain lean and fit.

7.You need simple strides to lose FAT.

8.You need to put on weight.

9.You are pregnant.

10.You have any health problem… Diabetes, B.P, Joint issues, Sports wounds ,thyroid and so on.

11.You need to make the most of your most loved nourishments like; desserts, rice, junk food

12.You do begin practice yet later at the forefront of your thoughts surrenders and you quit.

13.You need to Look Good and Young… !!!!!

14.If response to any of the above inquiry is Yes then these Fitness Training Programs are implied for YOU.

What will You Get:

1.Certified Advance Personal Fitness mentor (Special Population) From Gold's Gym Fitness Institute(GGFI)

2.Weight/Strength Training

3.Cardiovascular/Endurance Training

4.Flexibility Training

5.Maintaining Ideal Body Composition

6.Diet Scheduling

7. Exercise Scheduling

8.Weekly Goals and Progress Review Meetings

9.Combination of antiquated Indian and Western Exercise – Nutritional strategies

10.Informative sessions about human body.

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